West African Institute for Legal Aid


The goals of WAILA include the following:
(1) To provide free Legal Aid services to eligible individuals or groups, mainly poor and vulnerable people as a means to strengthen their access to justice worldwide.
(2) To provide free legal representation to eligible individuals or groups before regional and international judicial institutions.
(3) To identify and document the roots causes and associated factors that prevents speedy dispensation of justice in both criminal and civil cases worldwide.
(4) To facilitate international information sharing and collaboration on justice education.
(5) To support, develop, and implement advocacy for human rights for all on a regional and global basis.
(6) To convene global conferences, workshops and training sessions on justice education at locations accessible and affordable.
(7) To receive and administer funds to support the development of innovative justice education in West Africa.
(8) To establish Universities, colleges, professional institutions and provide scholarships for eligible individuals.

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